Strong-minded Silke says ‘no, thank you’ to Bachelor Marc!

Even though she swept South Africa’s new Bachelor, Marc Buckner off his feet on the red carpet, prompting him to choose her as the recipient of the show’s coveted “First Impression Rose”, gorgeous Silke Geugis (24) from Cape Town decided not to continue their possible love journey.

In a shocking move, after Marc had called her name at the rose ceremony, Silke asked to have a word with him, and then broke the news.

Since Marc’s very first nod of approval in the first episode, viewers saw her increasing frustration at not finding her name on a one-on-one date card. So, the strong-willed lady made sure to get to know him a little bit better with a heart-to-heart conversation when she was chosen for a breakaway date  – and then again at this week’s cocktail party. She voiced to him that she is nervous about his view on religion and that it has been a deal breaker in previous relationships. Having to confront her doubt’s about whether he’d be the best life partner for her wasn’t easy though. She knew she was falling for Marc and the chemistry was there when they kissed, but their morals didn’t align and she didn’t want to stand in the way of another lady.

The confusion in her mind only cleared up during the actual Rose Ceremony. She explained to Marc: “I really appreciate the fact that you were so open with me tonight in our conversation. You know, coming into this journey, I did have my faith and it always was so important to me. And, throughout this journey, I have learnt that it’s an even bigger deal than what I originally thought. At this point I’m not really willing to budge on that fact for anyone,”. Marc was visibly taken aback, and asked if she’s willing to wait around.  She declined the offer.

The ladies were left broken and in tears – but – that didn’t stop Jess.R from handing Marc a love letter at the end of the Rose Ceremony. What does this letter contain and what is she hoping to achieve?

The first getaway one-on-one date!

Jess.R had patiently been waiting for her turn to go on her first romantic date with Marc, and boy was it worth the wait! Marc whisked her off to Chobe Water Villas, for a luxurious and romantic getaway in the beautiful Namibia. The couple spent time on the Chobe river, taking in breath-taking views and wildlife, as they got to know each other better. This was followed by a romantic dinner where he presented her with the very first gift of the season, a custom designed Jack Friedman Bracelet! To complete the perfect night, the couple kissed under the moonlight and Marc presented her with a rose. The following day, they spent the afternoon in their matching swimwear – designed by Jess herself – at the Chobe Water Villa pools.

The Talent Show

Whilst Jess.R was enjoying her time with Marc across the border, the rest of the ladies were busy preparing for an exciting talent show, where they would have to impress Marc their hidden talents! The twist however was that Jess.R was exempt from the show, and spent the afternoon in the audience, next to Marc – much to the dismay of the performing ladies. The show was definitely entertaining, barring some cringe-worthy moments.

From the all the amusing acts, it was Andeline’s painting skills that won her some much needed one-on-one time with Marc. The 24-year-old Afrikaans student was the only girl who hadn’t been invited on a date yet, and her big break had finally arrived – yay!

The first drama-free cocktail party

Post Nolo’s departure, the vibes at the house and the cocktail party were turned up a notch. But, as much as there were smiles all around, it was also awkward for the ladies. On this particular evening, Marc had decided to pull the ladies aside for chats, changing the status quo. This left some of the ladies frustrated, especially Pasha, who felt like she knew her worth and wasn’t about to be waiting around for a man.

A Rose Ceremony with a twist

After Silke’s dramatic departure, and the remaining roses being handed out, it was down to Parushka and Qiniso for the final rose. Parushka was convinced that she was going home, having spent the least amount of time with Marc. The last rose was handed to Qiniso, and Parushka found herself saying goodbye to Marc and the ladies.

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