The Security Risk in your Home: Carte Blanche‎ this Sunday on M-Net & M-Net HD [101], 3 November 2019 at 19:00 & again on M-Net Plus 1 [901] at 20:00.

Derek Watts: “You may have thought that money could buy you home security: the high walls, electric fence, cameras. But it all means absolutely nothing if there’s a breach between your security company and the criminal underworld!”


Security Threats, Break-ins and the Common Denominator

A wealthy Johannesburg suburb is under siege as a string of break-ins with no forced entry sweep through the neighbourhood. The criminals are clinical, and they strike while the family is at home, gaining access via the security keypad or locking mechanism at the automated gate. So what’s the common denominator between all the robberies? The one company hired to protect each home. A simple security breach or the result of criminals acting on insider information? Carte Blanche investigates.

Producer: Nicky Troll
Presenter: Derek Watts
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Turmoil in the DA

The last few weeks have been tumultuous for the official opposition. The departure of the leader, a chairperson and the mayor of Johannesburg sent shockwaves through the party and rocked our political landscape. As former DA leader Helen Zille re-enters the party as the Federal Council Chair, analysts are predicting it’s the end of the DA, but Zille has scoffed at these doomsday predictions and denies the party is in crisis.

Producer: Joy Summers
Presenter: Masa Kekana


Grade 9 Certificate – limiting Choices or Passport to Success?

South Africa’s education system is not making the grade compared to its African counterparts. A pilot study introducing a general education certificate at the end of grade 9  will be tested next year with the aim of implementing it by 2022. Government says it’s not an exit strategy for learners, rather it forms part of a bigger picture to transform the schooling system into offering vocational and occupational streams and a means to help young people become more qualified for the workplace. Critics fear that the resources for this will come at a huge cost and may be misdirected.

Producer: Sophia Phirippides
Presenter: Macfarlane Moleli

From Moo to Moolah – the Livestock Wealth App

In a world of volatile financial markets and abstract investment products, electro-mechanical engineer Ntuthuko Shezi’s smartphone application links investors to the ancient practice of cattle farming – and high yields as the beef price steadily increases. His app has enabled suburban urbanites to own livestock in successful farms, while assisting farmers to access capital for their operations. Now a multi-million Rand undertaking, KwaZulu-Natal born Shezi is expanding his partnerships and products to include macadamia nut cultivation and vegetable gardens. Carte Blanche meets the inventor and his investors who are seeing their dreams yield fruit.

Producer: Diana Lucas
Presenter: Claire Mawisa
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