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John Webb: “This was a difficult story to cover because detransitioning is used to entrench some people’s prejudices against those with gender dysphoria. But, it’s clearly under-researched and, sadly, discussion around its causes and prevalence is often shut down. Until that changes, detransioners are likely to join the list of society’s marginalised”.


The Noble Fight for a Clean Environment

Forcibly removed by the apartheid regime to Durban South, surrounded by agro-chemical plants, paper mills and refineries, the young Desmond D’Sa believed he lost family members to cancer and respiratory illnesses caused by their toxic living conditions. This spurred him on to dedicate his life to environmental activism and even today he continues to fight against new threats posed to his hometown’s cleanliness and safety. Carte Blanche traces the fight of this the eco-evangelist who managed to have three toxic waste dumps closed down and won global renown for his work as he keeps doing battle with big industry over their pollution output.

Producer: Sophia Phirippides
Presenter: Derek Watts
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Illegal Street Racing [Best of 2019]

Despite scathing public criticism for what is seen as reckless behaviour in a sport that sees its regular share of death and injury, Carte Blanche visits the secretive world of illegal street racing with its unique subculture of men and women addicted to the adrenaline rush. These competitors have obsessive relationships with cars that they painstakingly modify for maximum speed and power. Without trophies or monetary reward, they use public roads for their secretly convened night-time races and the prize of bragging rights and honour.

Producer: Sinethemba Nogude
Presenter: Macfarlane Moleli

HIV – The Uninvited Guest

It was known as the silent killer, the poorly understood and uninvited guest killing millions of people around the world.  But after years of campaigning, activism and the development of ARV treatment, those living with HIV have the chance to live long and healthy lives.  Now, scientists believe they’re finally on the cusp of finding some answers. Carte Blanche dines with some of the leading experts in the field of HIV research.

Producer: Liz Fish
Presenter: Devi Sankaree Govender
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A State of Detransition

It’s a painful and lonely place when the medical gender reassignment and psycho-social transition process you’ve undertaken – hopeful to find your true identity – leaves you feeling more ill-suited to your body than when you started. “Detransitioning” is vastly under-researched and a highly contentious proposition in a world of transgender people fighting for recognition and acceptance. Carte Blanche examines the journey through the eyes of one “detransitioner” caught in limbo about how she came to this place.

Producer: John Webb
Presenter: John Webb
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It started as two cousins chasing a childhood fantasy to see the jungles of the Congo and ended with a hitchhike around the world to the USA. With just US$500 or approximately R7500, they decided to hitchhike from South Africa to the war-torn country in just 100 days. And once the hitchhiking bug had bitten – and again with almost no money – they committed to a seven-month trip across Africa, Europe and into Los Angeles. Carte Blanche meets these amateur adventurists.

Producer: Tarryn Crossman
Presenter: Macfarlane Moleli
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