M-Net Movies Presents: Tom Cruise Pop-Up Channel 109 Weekly Trivia.

M-Net Movies Presents: Tom Cruise Pop-Up Channel 109 has arrived. M-Net Movies premium audiences will be treated to a pop-up channel that has almost every Tom Cruise film, with over thirty movies that he has led or starred alongside in. The earliest is Taps from 1981, and the most recent 2018’s Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

Every week M-Net Movies will release entertaining trivia about the icon Tom Cruise and the amazing films he has been a part of.

Week  1

Friday, 20 March 2020

Far And Away
M-Net Movies Presents: Tom Cruise Pop-Up Channel 109 at 12:00

Three of Ron Howard’s great-grandparents actually rode in the Great Land Rush of 1893, as depicted in the film.

This is the second movie Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise are in together. They first met two years earlier in Days of Thunder (1990).

In Ireland, this movie has become somewhat of a cult classic comedy for some of the most notoriously bad “Oirish” accents, in particular for Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

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Jim Carrey, Johnny Depp, and Robert Downey, Jr. were considered for the role of Jack.

Widely rumored to have been a source of inspiration for Shigeru Miyamoto’s classic game series The Legend of Zelda.

Director Ridley Scott drew most of his inspiration for this movie from Beauty and the Beast (1946), as well as such Disney animated classics as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), Fantasia (1940), and Bambi (1942).

Filming was interrupted twice, firstly by the studio burning to the ground and secondly, by the death of Tom Cruise’s father.

Tom Cruise reportedly wasn’t happy with the American cut of this movie and wouldn’t talk about it for years because of it. He very much encouraged fans to go with the Director’s Cut.

Jack’s (Tom Cruise) armour was made from flattened bottle caps.

Rock Of Ages
M-Net Movies Presents: Tom Cruise Pop-Up Channel 109 at 15:57

It was Tom Cruise’s first ever musical.

Tom Cruise based his performance of Stacee Jaxx mostly on Jim Morrison and Axl Rose.

Tom Cruise took voice lessons for four and a half months. His routine included push-ups and ab work.

Tom Cruise admitted to being terrified at the prospect of being in a musical but saw it as a personal challenge to be overcome.

Alec Baldwin disowned the film, calling it a “horrible movie,” and stated that the only reason he did it was to work with Tom Cruise.

Color Of Money, The
M-Net Movies Presents: Tom Cruise Pop-Up Channel 109 at 18:00

Tom Cruise did his own trick shots for the film, except for one in which he had to jump two balls to sink another. Scorsese said he could have let Cruise learn the shot, but it would have taken two extra days of practice.

At one point, Eddie tells Vincent he hasn’t played serious pool since before Vincent was born. In real life, Tom Cruise wasn’t born until the year after The Hustler (1961) was released.

The guy sitting at the bar in the hustle where Eddie is feeling up Carmen is played by Ron Dean. Eventually, Dean played Uncle Pat, Tom Cruise’s uncle, in Cocktail (1988).

The film cast includes three Oscar winners: Paul Newman, Forest Whitaker and Martin Scorsese, who has a cameo in the film, and three Oscar nominees: Tom Cruise, Richard Price and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

Martin Scorsese has said that this is the only film he has directed that came in under schedule and under budget.

Mission: Impossible
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While filming the famous scene where Tom Cruise drops from the ceiling and hovers inches above the ground, Cruise’s head kept hitting the floor until he got the idea to put coins in his shoes for balance.

Last motion picture from a major studio to be released for home video on Betamax video cassette format.

The trick with the disappearing/reappearing CD that Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) does to fool Franz Krieger (Jean Reno) is not a camera trick or any other visual effect, but a genuine sleight-of-hand trick.

Paramount Pictures owned the rights to the television series, and had tried for years to make a movie version, but had failed to come up with a viable treatment. Tom Cruise had been a fan of the show since he was young and thought that it would be a good idea for a movie. Cruise chose Mission: Impossible to be the first project of his new production company and convinced Paramount Pictures to put up an eighty-million-dollar budget

Director Brian De Palma convinced Tom Cruise to set the first act of this movie in Prague, a city rarely seen in Hollywood movies at the time.

Firm, The
M-Net Movies Presents: Tom Cruise Pop-Up Channel 109 at 21:50

Gene Hackman’s contract called for his name to come before the title in all promotional materials. Tom Cruise’s contract called for his name, and his name only, to come before the title in all promotional materials. Hackman opted to leave his name off all promotional materials, making his presence a surprise to most audiences. In the film, Hackman’s name comes after Cruise’s and before the title.

The Firm took only 23 days to make $100 million in the U.S.

Charlie Sheen was considered for the part of Mitch McDeere.

During the scene where Cruise is in the sky tram, you can see the reflection of the helicopter filming the scene in the window of the tram.

The film cast includes two Oscar winners: Gene Hackman and Holly Hunter; and five Oscar nominees: Tom Cruise, David Strathairn, Hal Holbrook, Gary Busey, and Ed Harris.

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Knight And Day
M-Net Movies Presents: Tom Cruise Pop-Up Channel 109 at 14:10

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz did the majority of the stunts on their own. Cruise and Diaz are avid drivers and have experience in doing sharp turns and 180s.

M-Net Movies Presents: Tom Cruise Pop-Up Channel 109 at 16:00

A full-sized bubble ship was created with doors that opened on their own, and Tom Cruise, a licensed pilot, provided input for the design of the controls.

Jack’s (Tom Cruise) bike is a Honda CRF450X – chosen for its minimalist design and ability to handle stunts. Its designers hid the exhaust pipes and gave it a tank that held less than 1 litre of fuel, allowing only 20 minutes of ride time.

Tom Cruise’s fiftieth birthday occurred during filming. To celebrate the milestone, director Joseph Kosinski presented him with one of the futuristic motorbikes from the film. Tom also gave Joseph a present of his own: a die-cast model of the bubble ship in a glass case.

This is the second movie in a row in which Tom Cruise plays a character named “Jack”. The first was the title character in Jack Reacher (2012). Much earlier, he portrayed yet another Jack in Legend (1985).

M-Net Movies Presents: Tom Cruise Pop-Up Channel 109 at 18:00

According to Michael Mann, Vincent is a man able to get in and out of anywhere without anyone recognizing or remembering him. To prepare for the movie, Tom Cruise had to make FedEx deliveries in a crowded Los Angeles market without anyone recognizing him.

Tom Cruise really fell when he stepped on the office chair. Michael Mann liked the anomaly so much that he left it in the film.

Jason Statham’s cameo is often regarded as a nod to his character Frank Martin from The Transporter (2002) and its sequels. He delivers a bag to Vincent at the airport and then disappears, no questions asked.

On-set, Jamie Foxx accidentally drove his car with Tom Cruise in it into another car. Foxx was bemused to see that the crew immediately rushed to Cruise’s aid first, he being the bigger star.

Mission: Impossible II
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Tom Cruise’s then-wife Nicole Kidman suggested Thandie Newton (Kidman’s co-star in Flirting (1991)) as the love interest for Ethan Hunt. She was cast before the script was written.

The famous rock-climbing sequence was filmed at Dead Horse Point in Utah. Tom Cruise was on cables which were then digitally removed. Ron Kauk was the climbing double and the overhang stunt was performed by main stunt double, Keith Campbell. Director John Woo was so scared each time but “Tom insisted on doing it”.

Production was heavily delayed because Tom Cruise was shooting Eyes Wide Shut (1999) with Stanley Kubrick for over a year.

Tom Cruise performed most of his own stunts.

Tom Cruise lied to the movie’s insurance agents, saying that he would be letting the stunt crew handle all the major action setpieces. In reality, Cruise did about ninety-five percent of his own stunts.

Jerry Maguire
M-Net Movies Presents: Tom Cruise Pop-Up Channel 109 at 22:00

Cameron Crowe spent three and a half years writing the script.

Tom Cruise did not remember that Bonnie Hunt was in Rain Man (1988). At first he thought she was joking when she said they had worked together before.

This was Tom Cruise’s fifth consecutive one hundred million dollar-plus movie, a new record.

Bonnie Hunt says the toughest part of this movie was “playing a character that doesn’t like Tom Cruise.”

The parts of Dorothy and Jerry were originally written for Winona Ryder and Tom Hanks. Hanks was unable to commit to the project due to his work on That Thing You Do! (1996). Ryder was able to commit, but when screentests were done with Tom Cruise, they “looked like brother and sister” when standing together.

Sunday, 22 March 2020

M-Net Movies Presents: Tom Cruise Pop-Up Channel 109 at 14:11

Actress Gina Gershon stated in a podcast Interview that during their bed scene, Tom Cruise, knew she was extremely ticklish, and tickled her so hard, they both fell off the bed. It was, in fact, the take used in the movie.

The term for the flamboyant tending of the bar by Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise) and Doug Coughlin (Bryan Brown) is “flair bartending” which is an acrobatic bar-tending skill. John Bandy, a flair bartender, trained Tom Cruise for the film.

Stars Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Shue had to endure extremely cold water conditions whilst shooting in Jamaica.

According to the The 80s Movies Rewind website, “Tom Cruise was married to Mimi Rogers at the time, and it was rumoured that they fought off-set constantly”.

Rain Man
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During filming, Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise doubted the movie’s potential and jokingly called it, “Two Schmucks in a Car”.

Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro and Mel Gibson turned down the part of Raymond.

Tom Cruise always wanted to rehearse while filming. He and Dustin Hoffman rehearsed while driving to the set, and in their trailers during takes. They frequently switched roles.

Sir Michael Caine has revealed that Tom Cruise’s performance in “Rain Man” was one of his personal favourites of all he’d ever seen on film.

At one point, this movie was the biggest grossing Best Picture Oscar winner. It was subsequently surpassed by Forrest Gump (1994), which had been put into development at a rival studio at roughly the same time.

Top Gun
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After the “car chase” when Charlie tells Maverick that she didn’t want anyone to find out she was falling for him, Maverick originally had a line to say. Tom Cruise forgot the line and “ad-libbed” by kissing Kelly McGillis instead. Tony Scott liked it so much, he left the scene like that.

Jerry Bruckheimer on convincing Tom Cruise to sign on to the film after his initial reluctance: “So they (the Navy) take Tom up there, and they do five Gs. They do barrel rolls, they do everything. He’s heaving in the plane. He gets on the tarmac, runs to a payphone … and he said, ‘I’m in. I’m doing the movie. I love it. This is great.'”

The tension between Maverick and Iceman isn’t just down to good acting, Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer kept their distance from each other and never socialized.

When Tom Cruise went up in a real F-14 for the first time, he was with Lieutenant Commander Lloyd “Bozo” Abel. After Bozo did some manoeuvres, Cruise finally had no choice but to reach for his sick bag. However, as he did so, Bozo did a manoeuvre that put Cruise’s head to the floor of the cockpit as he struggled to activate the intercom to tell Bozo what was happening.

Mission: Impossible III
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Tom Cruise did the vast majority of his own stunts in this film. Most of them were done without major injury. However, he cracked a couple of ribs once when he turned his upper torso too quickly.

Mission: Impossible III was J.J. Abrams’ directorial debut on a feature film.

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) makes references to Lake Wanaka. Lake Wanaka is a lake in the South Island of New Zealand, which Tom Cruise visited while in New Zealand filming The Last Samurai (2003). He liked the place so much that he included it in this film.

Ethan Hunt makes references to Lake Wanaka. Lake Wanaka is a lake in the South Island of New Zealand, which Tom Cruise visited while in New Zealand filming The Last Samurai (2003). He liked the place so much that he included it in this film.

David Fincher was first slated to direct but dropped out to produce Lords of Dogtown (2005), which he also dropped out of directing. The basic storyline of the version on which he was working dealt with black market trade of body parts in Africa.

It’s coincidental that one of the disguises that Tom Cruise adopts in the film is that of a priest. In real life, Cruise briefly studied to become a priest before he got the acting bug.

” Mission Impossible III ” was Tom Cruise’s eighth movie in a row to gross over $100m domestically.

Few Good Men, A
M-Net Movies Presents: Tom Cruise Pop-Up Channel 109 at 22:05

Jodie Foster, Linda Hamilton, and Michelle Pfeiffer were considered for the role of Joanne Galloway.

Tom Cruise’s Jack Nicholson impersonation (when his character is quoting Colonel Jessep) was not scripted. Demi Moore’s and Kevin Pollak’s reactions are genuine.

According to Rob Reiner, Tom Cruise would always stay after rehearsals to work on perfecting his role.

Kevin Bacon praised Kiefer Sutherland for embracing the darkness of his character. Sutherland praised Tom Cruise for inspiring him with his acting.

Tom Cruise was attracted to this challenging role because of the “tremendous writing”. He travelled to New York City to catch the Broadway play before signing on.

Daniel Kaffee (Tom Cruise) is a Lieutenant Junior Grade. This is one rank below the previous Navy officer whom he portrayed in Top Gun (1986), Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.